Sailing an Optimist dinghy is the perfect example of social distancing as only one person is in the dinghy at any given time. The optimist dinghies at our Academy will be thoroughly sanitised before each sail and we will stick to strict social distancing rules. Ensure you adhere to the local regulations in your area regarding Covid-19 safety protocols (regular hand sanitising, masks, etc) and you are ready to sail. 

  • Enter the Race via our website and platform: pay a small entry fee and receive an entry number and information pack.
  • You can race as an individual, corporate, school, charity or team.
  • Challenge your friends, family or competitors to race a boat for charity too.
  • South African sailors race for their chosen charity and The Little Optimist Trust. Funds raised by your Optimist are split 50/50. International Sailors can fund raise for their chosen charity OR The Little Optimist Trust.
  • Set up a Fundraising page for your boat on one of these amazing online platforms and share with your friends so they will donate and support your boat. Raise money per km you sail.
  • Sail your dinghy for 1 Hour/ 5km/ 10km or more, on a day you choose over a 10 day holding period, allowing for optimal weather and personal schedules. Don’t have an Optimist? We have Optimist dinghies available or Find an Optimist near you. Click here to find out more
  • Challenge your friends and network to back your boat and sponsor your boat per KM or hour you sail for charity.
  • Plot and record your voyage via NSRI SafeTrx, GPS, Strava, photos and video and upload live to our race and social media platforms
  • When you have completed your race you will receive a certificate and one of our amazing prizes

Our sailing academy has Optimist dinghies available and we will ensure they are race ready at Zeekoeivlei Yacht Club on selected days during the event, depending on the weather. Contact us and book a time to come and race for charity! Come and race as a family, a group of friends or a group of colleagues!

We have teamed up with BackaBuddy and GivenGain to help you quickly and effortlessly get your friends and family to support your race, and help raise money for charity. Our International sailors will be best served with the GivenGain platform which allows your supporters to pay in multiple currencies. Click HERE and start your campaign now. Set up your campaign and share via social media to get your supporters onboard to help you reach your fundraising target.

It is not possible to raise money on one fundraising platform page for a local and an international charity at the same time due to our stringent exchange control regulations in South Africa.

The funds raised by The Little Optimist Global Race 2020 for the Trust will be used to cover the costs for 50 children to attend our sailing academy. 

Our South African sailors can easily share their route information using the NSRI SafeTrx App.

Our international sailors can upload your data from Strava, GPS, Google Maps or KMZ files. On Google Maps you can use TrackMyTour or Traveller App to add waypoints and track your route. 

All sailors are to send in their route details and the results will be uploaded daily. The race ends at 5pm South African time on 18th October and the winners will be announced on Wednesday 21st October.